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Chopped strand mat

The glass strand (sometimes with roving) cut to 50mm long, randomly but evenly lay on the belt, and then subjected to an emulsion adhesive or spreading the powder caking agent by heat curing adhesive into short chopped strand mat. Chopped strand mat is mainly used for hand lay-up, continuous system board and mold and SMC molding process. Of chopped strand mat quality requirements are as follows:

① uniform basis weight in the width direction;

② chopped strand mat surface evenly distributed, no large aperture is formed, the adhesive evenly distributed;

③ a moderate intensity felt dry;

④ excellent resin infiltration and permeability.

Continuous strand mat

The glass strand formed during drawing or from raw silk cartridge back out of solution continuous strand 8-shaped plated continuously moving mesh belt, dried powder binder bonded. Continuous glass fiber strand mat is continuous, so the reinforcing effect of the composite short cut felt good. Mainly used in the pultrusion method, RTM method, a pressure bag method and glass mat reinforced thermoplastic (GMT) and other processes.

Surface mat and fiberglass usually necessary to form a rich layer of resin, which is generally used in the glass surface of the base mat to achieve. As a result of such alkali glass mat (C) is made, it gives FRP chemical resistance particularly acid resistance, and because the mat is thin, so the smaller the diameter of the glass, but also absorb more resin-rich resin layer, cover live glass fiber reinforced materials (such as Plaid) lines, play a surface modification.

Needle felt

Needle felt or chopped fiber needle felt and into continuous strand needle felt. Chopped roving fiber glass needle felt is cut short 50mm, random laid on pre-positioned on the substrate on the conveyor belt, then with barbed needles acupuncture needles pierce the chopped fiber substrate rather crochet turn up with some of the fibers together to form a three-dimensional structure. The substrate can be diluted with a fabric of glass fibers or other fibers, needle felt such a sense of plush. Its main uses include use as acoustic insulation materials, thermal lining materials, filter materials, can also be used in the production of glass and steel, but the glassmaking lower strength steel, the limited scope of use. Another continuous strand needle felt, is a continuous glass strand wire device random toss toss in a continuous mesh belt, the needle plate needle, felt fibers are formed collusion between the three-dimensional structures. This mat is mainly used for glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheet can be produced stamping.

Stitched carpet


Chopped glass fiber from 50mm 60cm long and can be used even stitching machine sewn into chopped fiber or filament web, the former can replace traditional bonding systems in a number of uses of the chopped strand mat, the latter in certain instead of a continuous strand mat degree. Their common advantage is that the binder-free, to avoid the contamination of the production process, while penetration, a good combination of performance, low price.

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