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PVC Coating Fiberglass Yarn for sun and insect screening with high quality PVC coated fiberglass as the mail material, by using advanced manufacture craft and special handling technique, our weaving yarns have the characteristics of good flexibility, high pulling strength, anti corrosion, ultraviolet ray prevention, flame-resistance, chemical stability, smoothness and a long service life.

PVC coating fiberglass yarn offers an improved tensile strength and has excellent surface finishing. It is rectangular shaped and is constant in width and thickness.

Color: White, black, green, gray, etc.

Diameter range: 0.2mm-0.33mm 

We may also customize the gauze according to the clients.

PVC Coating Fiberglass Yarn

Characteristics :

1).high weather resistant ,aging resistance ,moisture resistance,anti-fire,shock resistance ,Uvioresistant ,high tensile strength,long serving life,good appearance,structure rigorous ,anti-cold ,heat-resistant .

2).Mesh uniform , Meridian and Parallel line is horizontal vertical ,not leap ,not deformation . 

3).Extraordinary Transmits light ,So it Truly realize invisible window screen .

4).Non-toxic, non-tasteless ,Green Environmental protection . Our fiberglass window screen meet the ISO 14001 international Environment management sysytem ,without the Cl-fluoride,no harm to people .

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