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The preparation of polymer mortar must be responsible to ensure the quality of mixing.

To cover counter clockwise rotation to open, with a whisk or other tools will binder re mixing and avoid binder separation phenomenon, moderately agitated, to avoid quality problems.

Polymer mortar mix: KL binder 425#: sulphoaluminate cement: sand (with 18 mesh sieve bottom): =1:1.88:3.25 (weight ratio).

Cement, sand dosage barrel weighed into the gray iron tank mixed, after mixing evenly according to the mix than adding binder, stirring, stirring to be uniform, to avoid segregation was a porridge like. According to and easy to be appropriate to add water.

Water for concrete.

Polymer mortar should be accompanied with the use of, with a good polymer mortar is best to use light within 1 hours. The polymer mortar should be in a cool place, avoid sun exposure.

According to the need of length, width from the entire volume of glass fiber mesh cut off the net piece, set aside the necessary lap length or overlap part of the length.

In a clean and smooth places cut, cutting must be accurate, cut a good mesh must be rolled up, does not allow collapse, does not allow the stampede.

Strengthen the building at the corner of the building, the strengthening of the layer should be affixed to the most medial, each side 150mm.

Apply first polymer mortar, EPS surface should keep dry, remove harmful substances or impurities in cotton.

In the polystyrene plate surface scraping on a layer of polymer mortar and the scraping area should be slightly larger than the mesh length or width, the thickness should be consistent about 2mm, in addition to the package requires, polymer mortar does not allow coated polystyrene board side.

After scraping the polymer mortar shall be network layout in the, mesh of curved face to the wall, from the centre to the periphery and Shi wiping Tu Ping, the mesh embedded in the polymer mortar, the mesh should not wrinkle, until the surface is dry, then the application to wipe a layer of polymer mortar, thickness 1.0mm, mesh should not be exposed.

1 mesh fabric around the lap length shall not be less than 70mm, in the cut off the site, should be used to repair the mesh lap, lap length shall not be less than 70mm.

Bladder surrounding doors and windows should strengthen layer and strengthen layer grid cloth, paste in the inside. If the door window frame outer shell and the base wall surface distance greater than 50mm, mesh cloth and the base wall paste. If less than 50mm need to do over the packet processing. Great wall laying mesh should block entry window outside of cement.

Door and window at the four corners and in the standard network applying wipe after, again in the door and window corners stamped with a 200mm * 300mm standard network, and window angle bisector into an angle of 90 degrees placed, affixed to the outside, to strengthen, in Yin Kok Department to stamp a 200mm length and width window bladder standard width of the mesh, posted on the outside.

Under a window sill, in order to prevent the damage caused by the impact, should be placed to strengthen the type of mesh, and then set the standard type of mesh cloth. Strengthening mesh fabric should be butt joint.

The construction method of the reinforced layer is the same as the standard net cloth.

The grid cloth pasted on the wall should be covered on the grid cloth.

Put on cloth from top to bottom, with sincere synchronous construction reinforced mesh, then standard mesh

After finishing the net cloth to prevent rain water erosion or impact, easy to crash the positive angle, doors and windows should be taken to protect the material mouth parts to take anti pollution measures, the occurrence of surface damage or pollution must be treated immediately.

After the construction of the protective layer can not be within 4 hours of rain.

After the end of the protective layer of the water conservation, the average temperature is higher than 15 degrees Celsius, not less than 48 hours, less than 15 degrees Celsius, not less than 72 hours.

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