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External wall stucco fiberglass dry wall joint tape to Europe is treated with adhesive glue. This tape is high tensile strength, good dimensional stability, stability to temperature, and corrosion resistance.

Fiberglass self-adhesive tape is widely used in joining plaster plates, mending drywall cracks and piecing together and making up different kinds of plates. It goes on faster, adheres better, and requires no pasting or stapling. It won’t tear, shrink, stretch or bubble, while it hides joints, cracks and holes permanently.

Usage: For wall renovation,decoration,wall cracks,holes and drywall.can also be guled gypsum board,cement and other building materials to completely prevent the cracks in the walls and comers.

a. Bundling up heavy duty items, fixing pipelines;

b. Good adhesion for plastics, metal and corrugated paper board. Good adhesion and holding power

c. Closing, reinforcing and palletizing Large double-deck boxes or cartons

we provide fiberglass window screen,if you need that contact us pls.

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