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Fiberglass insect screen material is the most commonly used screening as it is easy to use and is the least expensive of all window screen mesh. This material can be very long lasting, as long as you don't have children or pets that may cause damage it. 

Fiberglass insect screen is available in many widths, from 18" to 84", and is available up to 84" for outdoor enclosures. For larger openings you may want to consider super screen which is available up to 120" width.

Fiberglass screen is made of strands of fiberglass woven criss-cross into a mesh pattern, typically into an 18 x 16 mesh. Which means 18 wires per inch by 16 wires per inch.

It is available in two colors, charcoal and silver grey. The screen mesh is easy to install in window screens. It's 18x16, .011 diameter. 

Silver Grey unavailable for: 36x25, 48x25, 84x100, 96x10

Huili’s range of fiberglass insect screens material offer protection against flies, mosquitoes

 and other insects, while still allowing a cool breeze during the hot summer months. 

The range of insect screens can be fitted over windows or doors in living rooms, 

babies rooms, kitchens etc.

The DIY fiberglass Fly screen kits provide protection over most windows. There are 3 .

different sizes, which can be cut to fit your window size precisely. 

The Magnetic curtain and Fly wire screen are suitable for protection over doors 

and our simple, easy to install Fiberglass Insect Screen is perfect for small windows and temporary installations. 

No harmful poisonous sprays needed to protect your family, just a Huili Fiberglass window Screen material 

We also provide fiberglass window screen. Please contact us.

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