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Fiberglass Roving


Fiberglass direct roving is coated with a silane-based sizing and compatible with unsaturated resin, vinyl resin, and epoxy resin. It used to produce gratings, various rods and profiles.

Product Features:

1. Minimal fuzz during processing
2. Fast wet-out and wet-through
3. Good fiber dispersion and high composite mechanical properties
4. Strands are easily opened to expose their filaments with minimal working
5. High strength
6. Even payout tension
7. Low rate of dry abrasion over creel contact points

Main uses include manufacture of FRP pipes of various diameters, high-pressure pipes for petroleum transitions, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and, insulation materials such as utility rods and insulation tube.


Fiberglass Roving - These products are multiple ends of Fiberglass continuous (splice free) filament yarn processed onto high capacity steel reels. Specialty glass reinforcements are complex in nature and require precise processing conditions. This product is available in fibers such as KEVLAR and other ARAMIDS. Their primary use is in automotive ignition wires as a core material and telecommunication cables. Fiberglass reinforcements offer the wire & cable market high quality, high performance and cost-effective.


Fiberglass roving is a kind of special glass fiber that can resist the erosion of alkaline substances such as cement. It can be used to reinforce cement (GRC), gypsum and other inorganic and organic materials, and it is ideal for steel and asbestos in non-load-bearing cement components alternatives. Product performance in line with national and industry standards, alkali resistance to meet the United States PCI (Prestressed Concrete Society) and the International GRC Association requirements.

Direct Roving is compatible with thermosetting resins, such as unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. 

Direct Roving is widely used for filament widing and Pultrusion, producing woven roving and multiaxial fabrics. The application have FRP pipes, pressure vessels, grille, chemical tanks and so on.

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