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Fiberglass Mosquito Net

Fiberglass Mosquito Net


Product Feature

It is made of fiberglass wire with the processing of plastic coating, plain weaving, heating and stereotypes. This type insect screen wire diameter is smaller than other traditional window screen diameter. And have the good light transmission, widening the vision, also easy cleaning, non-deformation, and long service life etc.



Fiberglass mosquito net is an ideal material used in industrial and agricultural building to prevent from mosquito ,fly and other small insect. And it aeration is very good.


Common specification

1.Mesh size:12x12,14x14,16x16,16x14, 18x16,18x14, 20x20;


3.Weight: 115g/m2,130g/m2,150g/m2,180g/m2;

4.Colours:white, grey, black, blue, green or other colors;

5.Special products are available according to requirement of customers.



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