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Fiberglass Cloth categories: base cloth, glass fiber reinforced plastic base cloth, insulation board base cloth, fire prevention board base cloth, shed rod base cloth, grid cloth, the heat preservation wall grid cloth, sealing tape, glue grid cloth, it is divided according to the purpose.According to the thickness of 01 018 02 03 04 05 06 008 all kinds of glass fiber cloth.


1. With good coverage, it is suitable for all kinds of surfaces, effectively covering the defects of new and old walls, ensuring the uniformity of surface structure and color.

2. Strong tensile strength, effective in preventing wall cracking, and reinforcing the wall. With high quality coating, static electricity is not accumulated on the surface, and it is easy to clean.The strict surface sizing treatment makes the wall cloth clean and smooth, moisture-proof and mildewy, which can prevent the breeding of microorganisms or parasites, and is also a kind of reinforcing material.

3. The open space of the organizational structure is conducive to the natural diffusion of water vapor and the adjustment of indoor climate.

4. The smooth surface of the fabric can reduce the noise.

5. Good repeatability, labor-saving and labor-saving, easy to construct, green and environment-friendly, safe and environment-friendly, with good decorative effect and rich texture.

6. In the road, water conservancy, environmental protection and other works to strengthen, drainage.

Fabric for Producing Insulation Material

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